Grand Tour in Lviv, June 19-20

European Paintball Championship
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Grand Tour in Lviv, June 19-20


25.05.2010 16:42

Dear teams, players, sponsors, guests, friends!
Once again the ancient Lviv is open for the PAINTBALL HOLIDAYS!

The Grand Tour welcomes you to Lviv on June 19-20th!
(Polish: Lwów; German: Lemberg; Latin: Leopolis).

The end of the first summer's month in Ukraine will be marked by arrival of the best paintballers from the Old continent. The tournament will be held on June 19-20th.
The pure adrenaline, the adventures and the rest - these you can find in L'viv together with the history breath, admiration and beauty.
This is the paintball in L'viv! This is the festival in Ukraine!

The strongest teams from Eastern and Western Europe will take a part in the Ukrainian event of the European Paintball Championship "The Grand Tour".

Please find the information about the location and accommodation on the Grand Tour web-site in the Ukrainian event`s department. We will keep the information updating there.

You can register your team online on the web-site as well from the top menu "TEAMS" -> "Event registration" department.

Remember that the Grand Tour offers you only the best PAINTBALL HOLIDAY!

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